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123hitmankid's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 141 (From 36 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 2,375 Points

Another Small Favor

Flower Power Unlocked 11/17/10
25 Points
Find medicinal blue flowers for the good doctor
A Small Stitch 25 Points Help the town tailor find a green, furry shawl.
Hunt the Hunter 25 Points Eliminate the Pig Hunter
Spider Slayer 25 Points Kill a spider, save a kitty.
Another Small Favor 100 Points Accomplish your mission to find a new identity.

Medals Earned: 1/5 (25/200 points)

BBS Awards 2010

Play Dat Funky Music Unlocked 2/16/11
5 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Worst Username Change 10 Points Please change it back!
1.4 Minute Quiz Break 25 Points Get all questions right on the quiz!
Observant 25 Points View all awards.
Biggest Spammer 50 Points Click. Click. Click. Click. Click... x250
Goldstruck 50 Points Collect 70 trophies in Manly-Chicken's mini game.
Never Logs Off 50 Points Keep the window open for 3600 seconds!

Medals Earned: 1/7 (5/215 points)

Brawl Royale

NoLegs Unlocked 10/6/10
5 Points
Silly cat, get off ma lawn.
Red Mage Unlocked 10/6/10
5 Points
That's not even a real sword.
Tonberry Unlocked 10/6/10
5 Points
Go back to your cave.
Yoko Unlocked 10/6/10
5 Points
Farukon Paaansh.
Black Waltz Unlocked 10/6/10
10 Points
Lazarus Unlocked 10/6/10
10 Points
Ma gun's bigger.
Mecha Unlocked 11/19/10
25 Points
Systems failure imminent.
Natalie Unlocked 11/19/10
25 Points
Go back to kitchen.
Canti 50 Points Master the guitar.
Masochist 50 Points Get killed by each enemy in one sitting.
Goku 100 Points Save the universe from evil.
Cool Story Bro Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 8/12 (90/300 points)

Color Follower

How to? Unlocked 12/26/11
5 Points
Learn how to play this game, dammit
1 to 5 Unlocked 12/26/11
10 Points
Complete levels 1 to 5
Freestyler! 5 Points Play freestyler mode
11 to 15 10 Points Complete levels 11 to 15
6 to 10 10 Points Complete levels 6 to 10
16 to 20 25 Points Complete levels 16 to 20
21 to 25 50 Points Complete levels 21 to 25
All 30 100 Points Complete all 30 levels to beat the game

Medals Earned: 2/8 (15/215 points)


Guardians Unlocked 11/14/10
5 Points
Defeat the Footie Twins
Heavy Weapons Unlocked 11/14/10
5 Points
Defeat Battbot
Monkey Biz Unlocked 11/14/10
5 Points
Defeat Ootkey
Bad Transit Unlocked 11/14/10
10 Points
Defeat TRN-1
Story Easy Unlocked 11/14/10
25 Points
Beat Story Mode on Easy, Normal, or Hard
WSW Tribute Unlocked 11/14/10
25 Points
Defeat Final Weapon
Freeroes 25 Points Get Secret Ending
Kaminari Ninja 25 Points Defeat Raijinmaru
Patricide 25 Points Defeat creator of Dadgame
Story Hard 25 Points Beat Story Mode on Hard
Story Normal 25 Points Beat Story Mode on Normal or Hard
Cheating Death 50 Points Defeat Mecha-Death
Debugger 50 Points Defeat Phantom
Presto! 50 Points Beat Boss Battles on HARD
Tower Offender 50 Points Beat Tower of Destiny on HARD
Dadgamer 100 Points 100% Completion

Medals Earned: 6/16 (75/500 points)

Dungeon Dice

Blue Key Unlocked 12/31/11
5 Points
Complete the second corridor
Dice Apprentice Unlocked 12/31/11
5 Points
Defeat the first enemy
Green Key Unlocked 12/31/11
5 Points
Complete the first corridor
Rusty Key Unlocked 12/31/11
5 Points
Complete the last corridor
Dice Master Unlocked 12/31/11
25 Points
Defeat the last enemy

Medals Earned: 5/5 (45/45 points)

Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Noob Unlocked 9/12/11
10 Points
Kill yourself.
Battle Cat 10 Points Bring NoLegs to the battlefield.
Giga Golem 10 Points Master the elements.
Guardian 10 Points Smash up an elite sentry.
Invincible 10 Points Survive with 1HP remaining.
Kitten Kart 10 Points Destroy the cat's mobile fortress.
Max Radiation 10 Points Fire the Ion Cannon for the first time.
Minigamer 1 10 Points Get 5000 points in part one.
Minigamer 2 10 Points Get 6000 points in part two.
Oblivion 10 Points Swept away by waves of fire.
Sand Worm 10 Points Eat worms for breakfast.
Zombie Hydra 10 Points Slay the undead dragon.
Middle Tier 25 Points Beat the game on Normal Difficulty.
Minigamer 3 25 Points Get 10,000 points in survival.
Sword Master 25 Points Try out all swords.
Beast Master 50 Points Complete the bestiary by scanning all foes.
Leet Tier 50 Points Beat the game on Hard Difficulty.
Overkill 50 Points Hit the damage limit of 99999.
Valkyrie 50 Points Defeat the final boss and save the world.
God Tier 100 Points Beat the game on Epic Difficulty.

Medals Earned: 1/20 (10/495 points)

Escape Pico's School

Seriously? Unlocked 2/16/11
5 Points
Why would you even bother clicking on it?
What's That Smell? Unlocked 2/16/11
25 Points
You've successfully gotten into the janitor's closet!
Fire Starter Unlocked 2/16/11
50 Points
You've successfully started the fire to distract the principle!
Spare Time 10 Points The credits are over, why are you still walking?

Medals Earned: 3/4 (80/90 points)

Escaping the Prison

BRAAAGGGHH!! Unlocked 7/17/11
10 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Legal Ending Unlocked 7/17/11
25 Points
Break out the legal way.
Badass Ending Unlocked 7/17/11
50 Points
Break out the badass way.
Sneaky Ending Unlocked 7/17/11
50 Points
Break out the Sneaky Way
DONUT WANT! Unlocked 7/23/11
100 Points
...or do you?
lol brawl reference 5 Points ROFL ROFL ROFL
Lots of Effort 100 Points Find all 18 FAILs.

Medals Earned: 5/7 (235/340 points)

Handless millionaire

Your right hand Unlocked 10/31/11
5 Points
Your right hand has been amputated, you take it as a keepsake.
Your left hand 5 Points Your left hand has been amputated, you take it as a keepsake.
Your fingers 25 Points Once your fingers have been cut off so neatly that you have decided to keep them.

Medals Earned: 1/3 (5/35 points)